Pininfarina Xten Ergonomic Office Chair Makes Sedentary Look Speedy

Believe it or not, this Pininfarina Xten office chair is only three degrees of separation away from failed Gizmondo exec Stefan Eriksson » 8/17/08 10:00am 8/17/08 10:00am. But before we begin that game, let's delve deep into this $3,000 office chair, shall we? The seat cups your nether region with "Technogel," which the designers claim reduces…

Dietrich of Gizmondo Ferrari Crash Fame Sentenced to 30 Days

Trevor Michael Karney, or the make-believe Dietrich of Gizmondo fame, has just been sentenced to 30 days in prison plus 3 years probation for giving false information to the popos. Bo Stefan Eriksson, the other man in the car at the time of the 162mph Ferrari Enzo crash, is still serving his 3-year prison… » 9/18/07 12:55pm 9/18/07 12:55pm

Gizmondo's Elusive 'Dietrich' In Police Custody

Remember when Gizmondo's CEO Stefan Eriksson completely obliterated his Ferrari Enzo on the PCH and blamed his make-believe German buddy "Dietrich" for the whole thing? It appears that even the friends of rich-and-infamous failed entrepreneurs can't outrun the law forever. After spending over a year on the lam, a man… » 8/10/07 8:47pm 8/10/07 8:47pm