Canon EOS M Review: Playing Catch-Up in the Mirrorless Race

Mirrorless cameras have matured into serious alternatives to DSLRs. Some of the biggest brands failed to anticipate that success. One of them, Canon, is now trying to play catch up. Their first attempt, the EOS M, dropped this autumn after much anticipation. » 2/12/13 1:20pm 2/12/13 1:20pm

Palm Pre and Eos Possibly Amongst Storm 2, TouchPro2, and Omnia II in…

We've gathered the Palm Pre is headed to Verizon early next year, and it may now have appeared in a leaked Verizon inventory database. Along with the other phones, the Palm 101 and P121 are listed: Pre and Eos code-names? » 8/28/09 6:30am 8/28/09 6:30am

Canon EOS Rebel T1i First Hands On: 50D's Sensor, 1080p Vids, $899 (!!)

The rumors were true. Canon has crammed the $1500 50D's sensor and 5D-Mark-II-like 1080p video capture into an $899 entry-level Rebel. We ran it through its paces for a few hours, and it's awesome. » 3/25/09 12:01am 3/25/09 12:01am

Eos Converge Wireless Whole House iPod/PC Music Streaming is Cheap and …

The Eos Converge is the cheaper and smaller version of the system we reviewed, at $90/component instead of $130. It does the same thing: send iPod/iPhone/PC/Mac music to satellite speakers throughout your house, wirelessly. » 1/07/09 3:30pm 1/07/09 3:30pm

Canon EOS 5D Mark II to Track Multiple Batteries

We thought that we already knew just how glorious that Canon's $2,699 EOS 5D Mark II would be, but the camera has one trick up its sleeve that's more practical than another megapixel boost, or maybe even its ability to capture 1080p HD video. Seriously. The camera can keep track of up to six batteries in its internal… » 10/25/08 10:30am 10/25/08 10:30am

Giz Explains: Why DSLRs Are Finally Shooting Video

It's been a good few weeks for DSLRs. Just after Nikon's D90 » 9/17/08 4:00pm 9/17/08 4:00pm became the first ever to jump into the sweet, sweet waters of the HD video pool, Canon did a gigantic cannonball today with the , upping the game to full 1080p captures at 30fps. The question that all of this good news brings up is: Why now? Why haven't…