Canon EOS 5D Mark II to Track Multiple Batteries

We thought that we already knew just how glorious that Canon's $2,699 EOS 5D Mark II would be, but the camera has one trick up its sleeve that's more practical than another megapixel boost, or maybe even its ability to capture 1080p HD video. Seriously. The camera can keep track of up to six batteries in its internal… » 10/25/08 10:30am 10/25/08 10:30am

Canon 5D Mark II Supposedly Surfaces Online, Due in June

A screencap supposedly snagged from Canon's German site spilled some details on Canon's way anticipated 5D Mark II before it slipped back into the ether. June release, and it rocks a 16-megapixel DIGIC III processor that can fire at 6.5FPS. The blurb calls the Mark II "small, light, robust and weatherproof." A bit… » 4/19/08 3:45pm 4/19/08 3:45pm

Canon Announcing Digital Rebel XTi or EOS 5D Successor Jan. 24

Swedish Canon exec Robert Westin has apparently told the (also Swedish) site Kamerabild that Canon's announcing a new DSLR on Jan. 24, a week before PMA. The obvious choices are updates to either the Digital Rebel XTi (aka EOS 400D) or EOS 5D, since they're the two DSLR lines that've gone the longest without an update. » 12/17/07 11:50am 12/17/07 11:50am