The Plan to Defrost Walt Disney and Save Capitalism With Sea Cities

Remember that time back in the 1990s when Walt Disney was awakened from his cryogenic sleep, started building artificial islands off the coast of Massachusetts, and then privatized the U.S. military to protect his new capitalist paradise from an evil, one-world government? » 9/24/13 12:40pm 9/24/13 12:40pm

Epcot Ride Reopens With Steve...err...We Think It's Woz

Last week we ran a rumor that Epcot's new Spaceship Earth ride had screwed Woz, and that Steve Jobs alone would be immortalized in Disney animatronics. Now that the ride has opened to select guests, we've confirmed that the ride does indeed feature a long-haired, scruffy man tinkering away at a computer in a garage.… » 12/09/07 6:03pm 12/09/07 6:03pm

Steve Jobs to be Featured in Epcot Without Woz?

Epcot's SpaceShip Earth ride was a little dated, so it's been undergoing a major overhaul. And according to Distant Creations blog, a certain Apple celebrity will be making an appearance. Tinkering on a computer in his garage, the bearded "Jesus version" Jobs will be creating an early prototype Apple computer...alone. » 12/02/07 10:47am 12/02/07 10:47am

JVC Pulsating Sphere Speaker - Round Like Epcot

JVC has designed a round speaker that isn't just for poor decorating taste. The "pulsating sphere" surface (all 12 patents-worth) actually produces the sound and distributes wavelengths equally in all directions. The result is supposed to be a highly natural sound that you don't link to one particular speaker. We are… » 9/17/06 11:54am 9/17/06 11:54am