One Day Your Smartphone's Screen Could Be Used To Test Blood

Patients who rely on the use of coagulants to limit the formation of blood clots in their veins also require frequent and regular trips to the hospital for tests to monitor their blood flow. It's a time-consuming side effect that researchers at EPFL hope they've solved with a portable test that relies on a smartphone's … » 3/17/14 9:20am 3/17/14 9:20am

In-Car Facial Recognition Detects Angry Drivers To Prevent Road Rage

Passengers in a car can help calm an angry driver when another vehicle cuts them off. But when a driver is alone, that anger can easily turn into road rage which puts everyone at risk. So researchers at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne—or EPFL for short—are working on an in-car facial recognition system that… » 3/14/14 9:20am 3/14/14 9:20am

This Sensorless Flying Robot Is Like a Drunken Speeder Bike Orb

After putting its rovers on Mars, Nasa's Jet Propulsion Lab showed the world that billion dollar hardware isn't always the answer. And researchers at the EPFL are taking the same technology-on-the-cheap approach with a low-cost autonomous flying drone that simply bumps and crashes into everything in its path instead of … » 10/30/13 11:40am 10/30/13 11:40am

How Your Video Game Character Could Soon Share Your Rage Face

You spent hours tweaking your Xbox or Nintendo avatar to look exactly like you, but researchers at the EPFL are taking things one step further with a Kinect-based system that can translate your facial expressions and emotions to your online persona. So the next time you're cursing into your headset after a loss in » 11/15/12 11:55am 11/15/12 11:55am

Designing a Dumb Flying Robot That Can Safely Crash Is Easier and…

As the story goes, when farmers were looking for a better way to deliver tomatos undamaged, they just engineered a more resilient vegetable. And that's basically the same approach being taken by crash-friendly flying robot researchers at the EPFL. » 6/13/12 6:20pm 6/13/12 6:20pm

New Athlete Tracking Technology Could Lead to Artificial Sportscasters

They're slowly taking over our world, but the one skillset that robots and computers haven't mastered yet is sportscasting. Keeping track of every single player on a basketball court is a real challenge for an artificial intelligence, but researchers at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland may have … » 11/10/11 7:20pm 11/10/11 7:20pm