If Only All Test Footage Were As Beautiful As RED's Scarlet Video

After renaming the Scarlet as the Epic Light, RED's referring to it as Scarlet again—but more importantly, they've finally uploaded footage of the Scarlet 8x fixed lens shooting at 120fps. If you've forgotten the specs, here's a refresher: » 6/06/11 4:20am 6/06/11 4:20am

RED's Scarlet Camera Has Been Renamed Epic Light, and Will Increase in…

RED has already admitted that "we had no idea what we were doing," when trying to make their first consumer camera (the Scarlet), and put the price up by another $1,000—all before it's even launched. Now, they've renamed it the "Epic Light," and "the features have changed as has the price," promising an update in the coming… » 12/06/10 5:50am 12/06/10 5:50am