Endless Banana: Enjoy the Soothing Banana-Peeling Experience Forever

Like the Mugen PeriPeri » 10/16/08 12:00pm 10/16/08 12:00pm before it, the Endless Banana' from Epoch is the latest in the growing Japanese market for "infinite toys"—devices that allow users to experiences over and over again. In addition to simulating the feel of a banana as it is peeled, the toy also features the voice of an actress named Saki Fujita. …

Japanese Turd Flashlight Is Thankfully Not a Medical Gadget

If what's missing from your life is a light-up poop, then fear not, because your happiness is sitting in a Japanese vending machine. Epoch, purveyor of the USB darts board, has come up with the weirdness that is a flashlight shaped like a turd, or Unchi, as they are known over in Japan. » 7/11/07 4:54am 7/11/07 4:54am