Pico Cube Projector is World's Smallest, Says Maker Epoq

"About the size and weight of a hen's egg" runs the tagline for this projector. That'd be some special »11/03/08 4:45am11/03/08 4:45am large cubic hen then. But this Pico Cube EPP-HH01 from Epoq projector is undeniably tiny—it's just 2.2 x 2.2 x 1.6 inches across, which Epoq says makes it the world's smallest. It projects VGA resolution images from…


$20,000 Oticon Epoq Bluetooth Stereo Hearing Aid Also Manages iPod, Phone

Over at Gadget Lab, Charlie Sorrel is talking about his deaf friend's super-sweet insanely-expensive hearing aid. The Oticon Epoq's UK price is £10,000; for the cash, you get two earpieces wirelessly connected via Bluetooth to render more accurate 3D sound images inside the wearer's head. With all the obvious tech… »10/24/07 10:37am10/24/07 10:37am