The Powerful Equations That Explain the Patterns We See in Nature

Where do a zebra's stripes, a leopard's spots and our fingers come from? The key was found years ago – by the man who cracked the Enigma code. » 8/12/14 8:15am 8/12/14 8:15am

A Former Subway Worker Made a Breakthrough Discovery in Math

A completely unknown guy in the world of math has made a breakthrough discovery that will help us understand numbers better. Basically, a guy who once struggled to find a job and had to work at Subway, is helping math geniuses understand the twin prime conjecture, one of math's oldest problems. » 5/20/13 9:37pm 5/20/13 9:37pm

This Math Equation Will Make You Less Fat

From trying fad diets to developing eating disorders to becoming a gym rat, people have basically gone crazy trying to lose weight. And it's true, America is fat. But what if the secret to losing weight wasn't in ditching carbs or hurling or doing interval exercises but rather if it was in math? What? Yes. Math. » 5/15/12 7:40pm 5/15/12 7:40pm