Here's the Letter From EU's Antitrust Chief Where He Caves On Google

Joaquin Almunia is considered one of the most powerful regulators in tech because of his role as the European Union's antitrust chief. But now that the EU has decided not to let Google run roughshod over consumers and competitors, Almunia, who is texting buds with Google chairman Eric Schmidt, finds himself an awkward… »6/26/14 1:19pm6/26/14 1:19pm

Whistleblower Claims Google Stole Money From Publishers Using Adsense

An anonymous individual claiming to be a former Google employee posted detailed allegations about the search giant on Pastebin today. The self-stylized whistleblower claimed that Google managers directly ordered employees to steal money from publishers through AdSense, its ad placement service, and that the scheme has… »4/29/14 7:41pm4/29/14 7:41pm

Eric Schmidt Says Government Surveillance Is Just Part of Our Society

Since the whole PRISM thing blew up, and dozens of other Snowden revelations followed it, there's been a lot of talk about government spying—foreign stuff and domestic survellience—and what these revelations mean. According to Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt, not much; this is just part of our society now. »9/14/13 12:25pm9/14/13 12:25pm

Eric Schmidt's New Book Rails Against China As Being the "Most Sophisticated and Prolific" Hacker

In addition to giving North Korea a what-for, Eric Schmidt has also been working on some other projects. He's got a book coming out about China, for instance, and after getting some time with the preliminary drafts, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that it's taking some serious shots at the superpower. »2/02/13 4:00pm2/02/13 4:00pm

Eric Schmidt's Daughter Recounts the Duo's Bizarre Trip to North Korea

Eric Schmidt's trip to North Korea in order to spread the good word about open Internet has been kind of strange from the start. Today, he posted on Google+ how he warned the country that it might be left behind. You know, Internet. Politics. All that jazz. Schmidt's daughter, who accompanied him on the "vacation"… »1/20/13 3:00pm1/20/13 3:00pm

The Only Person North Korea Follows on Twitter Is This Goofy American Dude

North Korea's led the charge in a lot of areas, fictional animal lair discoveries, for one. But South Korea's crazy cousins to the north aren't exactly known to excel at internet culture. So while it's no surprise that their official Twitter account only follows three accounts, as Mother Jones discovered, it is, in… »1/09/13 12:40pm1/09/13 12:40pm