A Memoriam for Giant Fingers, the Nostalgic Scourge of Analog Photos

Before digital cameras made it easy to snap a ton of photos to get the one that's just right, there was a ubiquitous analog menace lurking in front of our collective lenses: our fingers. Attack of the Giant Fingers is a new book that pays tribute to those pesky shot-blockers that only ever revealed themselves once the… »9/09/14 4:55pm9/09/14 4:55pm


24 Hours of Printed Flickr Uploads Is Enough To Swim In Like Scrooge McDuck

With content pouring in from cameras and smartphones all around the world, it's not surprising that Flickr gains over a million new photos every single day. It's a fact you probably wouldn't give much thought to, until you see photographer Erik Kessels' latest exhibit where he printed and filled a gallery with a day's… »11/12/11 6:00pm11/12/11 6:00pm