The Universe's Most Important Alarm Clock Will Wake Up Rosetta Tomorrow

Two and a half years is a long time to sleep—even for a machine. That's how long Rosetta has slumbered in its decade-long journey towards the comet where it will land. But in the dead of the night, at 2am PST tomorrow morning, Rosetta will awaken. Here's how its alarm clock works. » 1/19/14 12:00pm 1/19/14 12:00pm

Science Finds the Universe's Best French Fries Would Come From Jupiter

Just because we can't fry food in the vacuum of space doesn't mean that the entire universe has to be devoid of its greasy wonder. In fact, turns out us Earthlings live in an environment damned to produce subpar french fries without even realizing it. According to a new study, if you're really jonesing for the good… » 1/08/14 12:40pm 1/08/14 12:40pm

This Spacecraft Fairytale Will Make Anyone Excited About Outer Space

Rosetta is traveling to unknown lands. Her voyage has gone on nearly a decade. With her lander Philae, she's mankind's most intrepid explorer, headed for a mysterious destination called Churyumov–Gerasimenko. It's not a fictitious fairytale. It's science. » 12/21/13 9:00am 12/21/13 9:00am