A Million Cockroaches Escaped From A Chinese Farm And Are On The Move

According to the Agence France-Presse, "at least" one million cockroaches escaped a nursery in Jiangsu, China where they were being farmed for traditional medicine applications like cancer and inflammation treatments. The bugs got away because of an "unknown perpetrator" who tampered with the plastic greenhouse where… »8/25/13 4:33pm8/25/13 4:33pm


500 Taliban Prisoners Just Escaped Through a Long Underground Tunnel—Built Using No Heavy Machinery

In their biggest prison break since 2008, nearly 500 Afghani detainees (mostly Taliban members) escaped from the Sarposa Prison through an underground tunnel, dug from the outside. Now the U.S. military is searching high and low, hoping to corral the escapees back in. The crazy thing is that they built this long… »4/25/11 11:35am4/25/11 11:35am

Houdini Pro Emergency Rescue Tool Busts You Out Of a Wrecked Or Drowning Car

The Houdini and Houdini Pro are two emergency car tools that improve your chances of not dying when faced with a crashed or sinking car. It's much like the seatbelt cutters and window shatterers that have been on the market for a while, but also comes with a safety whistle and LED light. The Pro upgrades the seat belt… »11/19/08 7:37pm11/19/08 7:37pm