China's 'Air Force One' gets escorted by 8 fighter jets in cool video

The background: China’s president Xi Jinping was visiting Pakistan so Pakistan sent eight JF-17 Thunder fighter jets to escort China’s presidential plane when it entered Pakistani air space in a nice diplomatic gesture. The cool: I just like seeing small little fighter jets trailing a big jet in a flying-V pattern. » 4/21/15 10:42pm 4/21/15 10:42pm

Surprise! China's Porn Filter Has Political Opinions

The weirdly naive Green Dam-Youth Escort web filter project, which was almost certainly initiated because a government official caught his kid looking at really weird porn on time, doesn't just alert at ladyboobs; as some had predicted, it's being used to censor politically sensitive material. Of course, China's been… » 6/12/09 5:01am 6/12/09 5:01am