3DTV Is Officially Never Going to Happen

That was it. That was 3DTV's best chance. ESPN just decided to discontinue its push for 3DTV sporting events, deciding its time would be better spent focusing on traditional high resolution broadcasts and Tim Tebow daguerreotypes. And that, in a nutshell, effectively kills 3DTV's chances of ever going mainstream. » 6/12/13 3:13pm 6/12/13 3:13pm

ESPN Is Killing 3D Broadcasts By the End of the Year

ESPN will kill ESPN 3D by the end of the year. The ill-fated 3D sports channel that started as an experiment in 2010 won't be broadcast in any dimensions soon. This is huge news considering the significant investment that TV manufacturers and broadcasters have put forth in an effort to bolster the struggling tech. » 6/12/13 11:13am 6/12/13 11:13am

The U: When Football Players Go Bad, Fun Things Happen

From the players to the coaches to the administrators to the boosters, University of Miami football in the '90s was dirty, underhanded, morally and ethically suspect. It was also the best. But unlike the other schools which almost certainly went out of their way to project a squeaky clean image, the U was downright… » 8/01/12 7:00pm 8/01/12 7:00pm

Finally, I Can Watch ESPN on My iPad

Sports cable networks are the last thing keeping many people from divorcing from their television service entirely. The slow spread of the WatchESPN app, which is now available on the iPad, brings us one step closer to cutting the cord. [iTunes via Business Insider] » 5/27/11 11:29am 5/27/11 11:29am

WatchESPN Now Streams ESPN to Android Too

WatchESPN, which recently released for the iPhone, has now made its way over to Android. It carries the same awesomeness: live streaming of ESPN channels to your phone but sadly, the same stipulations too: you have to be a subscriber to Time Warner Cable, Verizon FiOS TV and Bright House Networks to enjoy the streaming … » 5/09/11 4:37pm 5/09/11 4:37pm

WatchESPN App for iOS Lets Time Warner and Verizon Subscribers Watch…

Hey, sports fans who also happen to be subscribers to Bright House Networks, Time Warner Cable or Verizon FiOS TV, you can now stream ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and ESPNU with the WatchESPN app for iOS. Baseball! Basketball playoffs! Other sports! The app has programming guides for perusing what's on and a search function that … » 4/07/11 11:20am 4/07/11 11:20am

Disney, ESPN and ABC Widgets Could be Streaming to Yahoo TVs Soon

The WSJ has heard from those elusive sources, who're claiming that Yahoo is talking with Disney about developing TV-streaming widgets for the ESPN, ABC and Disney networks. People with Yahoo Connected TVs could stream TV shows from those networks, along with movie trailers and in ESPN's case, stats. These apps would… » 1/10/11 4:16am 1/10/11 4:16am