Earthly Physicists Designed the Perfect Cup for Space Espresso 

The International Space Station is due to get a special delivery: An Italian astronaut arriving at the station will eventually bring along the first espresso machine in space. But enjoying espresso in zero gravity is easier said than done—and a team of Portland-based coffee fans (and physicists) have developed a… » 12/01/14 4:15pm 12/01/14 4:15pm

Ariete's You&Me the Smallest Espresso Machine in the World

According to makers Ariete, the You&Me is the smallest Espresso machine in the world, bringing you your caffeine fix strongly and silently. With a boiler capacity of one-fifth of a liter, maxi-cappuccino device drip and Thermocream System filter, the You&Me is available in Shiny Red, Anthracite and Satin Gray for… » 9/21/07 5:23am 9/21/07 5:23am

Blue Label -Snail- Espresso Machine Hopefully Makes Espresso That Matches Its Looks

We've seen our fair share of high design-minded espresso machines, but the Blue Label -Snail- by Pierre Ittner is without a doubt the sleekest, most comely java juicer we've come across. According to Google's machine translation, it's forged from aluminum, uses nespresso pods—hopefully not just—and has a 19-bar pump,… » 9/19/07 6:38am 9/19/07 6:38am