Marvel’s Got an Asian Problem and It’s Not Getting Any Better

One of the latest Marvel casting rumors making the rounds is that Michael Barbieri’s Spider-Man: Homecoming character is based on Ganke Lee, who, in the comics, is the best friend of Miles Morales. Not regular Spider-Man, better known as Peter Parker. In the comics, Ganke Lee is a pudgy Korean-American who looks like…

io9 Was Founded on the Idea That Science Fiction Belongs to Everyone

When I started working on io9 in 2007, we didn’t have a name for the site yet. We hadn’t come up with any real plans for how we were going to cover science fiction, science and futurism. But there was already a central idea that the site was based around: That science fiction is for absolutely everybody who enjoys it.

Warning: 12 Monkeys Season 2 Is Dangerously Addictive

I’m mad at Syfy. They gave me the first eight episodes of 12 Monkeys season two several weeks ago. And since I watched those episodes, I’ve been on tenterhooks. If you thought 12 Monkeys was fascinating and crack-like in its first season, then you’re going to have a problem when season two starts tonight. No spoilers…

8 Things We Loved About Season Two of Daredevil (And 4 We Didn't)

The long wait is over, and we’ve finally seen all of Daredevil season two. And after watching all 13 episodes, we have to say that we love it. As a whole, it’s hard to beat. But there were still some parts that could have been better. Here are eight things we loved, and four that we had issue with.

Agent Carter Has Become One of the Most Unique Stories in the Marvel Universe

Agent Carter is a show all about sexism, and particularly all about the notion that after World War II, women who had made a material contribution to the war effort were told to go back to their old subordinate roles. But whereas the show’s first season was a fairly simple story, season two is delving into a lot more…

The R-Rated Superhero Movie That Kicked Our Asses Long Before Deadpool

Now that Deadpool has become a monster hit, there are a billion articles about how ground-breaking this R-rated, raunchy, fourth-wall-smashing superhero movie really is. And no mistake, Deadpool is hilarious. But there’s one film, starring an insane hero in a red suit, that never gets enough credit for how far it…


I Miss the Heroes of the 80s Who Got Their Asses Kicked All the Time

The 80s were a simpler, more macho time. It was the era of Ronald Reagan, Rambo, and Bruce Springsteen’s patriotic denim buttcheek. But when I think about 80s pop culture, I think about heroes who got their asses handed to them. I miss that vulnerability and determination to keep going after a horrendous defeat.

What It Means To Be a Science Fiction Writer in the Early 21st Century

I believe that science fiction’s best days are ahead of it, because I have read a lot of science fiction. And if this genre has taught me anything, it’s optimism about human ingenuity—along with a belief that the unexpected is just around the corner. I’m not alone: Many people seem to feel like science fiction is…