DIY Etch A Sketch Creates Tiny Zen Gardens Instead of Crappy Drawings

Using the Etch A Sketch for drawing or doodling is exactly what the toy was designed for—and it's also what it's completely terrible at. You might as well be tying your hands behind your back when you trade a pencil for a pair of knobs, but Jonathan Odom has found a way to turn the Etch A Sketch's weaknesses into… »3/24/15 3:15pm3/24/15 3:15pm


A Stop-Motion Etch A Sketch Made of Dominoes Is Even Harder To Draw With

To help promote its online store that sells nothing but tiny plastic bricks, Bulk Dominoes enlisted the help of the extremely patient FlippyCat to build a giant Etch A Sketch that only works through the magic of stop motion. But it's the perfect way to represent just what a pain it is to draw anything recognizable on… »3/05/15 5:52pm3/05/15 5:52pm

World's First Single-Electron Transistor Works Like a Teeny, Tiny Etch-A-Sketch

It's amazing what an electron can do. Researchers, lead by a team from the University of Pittsburgh, have built the world's first operational single-electron transistor, the SketchSET, which could become an essential component of all sorts of futuristic technologies; from super-dense, high-capacity solid-state drives… »4/18/11 11:20pm4/18/11 11:20pm

Working Etch-a-Sketch Costume Really Lets You Draw Boobies on This Guy

I've never been a fan of billboard-type costumes—"I'm a lame YouTube video" or "I'm an iPhone"—but this giant Etch-a-Sketch costume is excellent. And »11/10/08 3:00pm11/10/08 3:00pm it actually works. No, it's not filled with aluminum powder (that could get dicey). It simplifies the setup to using a marker and glass, but the complicated rod and…