How To: Etched LED Glass Door

The dude behind this etched LED glass door is sharing his methods. You'll need some plexiglass, wood, tools, and about 120 LEDs to complete the design pictured above—or you could always do your own thing. Hit the link for the full how-to. [bit-tech forums via Hacked Gadgets] » 2/11/08 7:35pm 2/11/08 7:35pm

Envelope Mailbox: You've Got Mail

There's something charming about attaching computer icons to physical objects, and when you etch that graphic onto a bit of frosted glass over stainless steel, you end up with an Envelope Mailbox that qualifies as an irresistible piece of geek chic. » 8/11/06 2:41pm 8/11/06 2:41pm