Laser Tattoo Body-Modding, This Time it's Not Painful: Fingernails

The skin-ablation laser tattoo we showed you recently was creepy mainly because burning your naked skin is going to hurt, but this new laser body-mod tackles a safer target, fingernails. The portraits of famous bods you can see in the image are laser-etched into black nail polish (I know, it looks like they're made of… »7/15/08 8:10am7/15/08 8:10am

University Logo Tattoo on Human Hair: a Micro-Scale Rebellion?

What do you do if you have a focus ion beam microscope normally used to make nano-devices, a scanning electron microscope and some spare time? Well, you etch your university logo onto a human hair, of course! At least, if you're the Engineering Dept at McMaster University you do. It's not the smallest logo ever—… »4/04/08 11:29am4/04/08 11:29am