Don't Call It a Dump Truck: This Massive Mineral Hauler Transforms Into an Overland Train

When massive, open-pit mines like the Minera Escondida—in Chile's Atacama Desert—need to pull millions of tons of minerals out of the ground each year, they rely on fleets of huge, "Ultra-Class" haul trucks. The ETF Haul Train, however, pulls four times the minerals of these stone-toting behemoths with just one driver. »11/09/12 11:30am11/09/12 11:30am

AT&T Reaches $18 Million Settlement in New Jersey ETF Class Action Case

Without admitting any wrongdoing, AT&T Mobility has reached a settlement in a class action lawsuit alleging that their flat-rate early termination fee was unlawful. If the settlement is approved, AT&T will pay out a total of $16 million in cash and $2 million in "non-cash benefits" to NJ residents whose AT&T wireless… »1/26/10 12:41pm1/26/10 12:41pm

How to Get Out of a Cell Contract Without Paying an ETF in Many Not-So-Easy Steps

If you try to get out of your cellphone contract without paying one of those blasted (and newly illegal in California) early termination fees, you're going to need a meticulously planned and researched counterargument for everything they throw at you. It's not a small undertaking, and you'll meet hostile resistance… »8/02/08 3:30pm8/02/08 3:30pm

Judge Rules Early Termination Fees Are Illegal and Violate California Law

A California County Superior Court judge has just ruled that early termination fees from cellphone companies violates California state law and are illegal. What's this mean to you? Sprint Nextel has been ordered to pay $18.2 million in reimbursements to customers who already paid their ETF, and to stop trying to… »7/31/08 5:00pm7/31/08 5:00pm

T-Mobile Raises Text Message Prices (Meaning You Can Ditch Your Contract)

T-Mobile is hiking its SMS rate to 20 cents a text (up from 15), effective Aug. 29. Annoying, unless you want to get out of your T-Mobile contract. Raising prices is typically considered a material breach of contract, meaning you can weasel out of it with a bit of elbow grease and persistence (to show that it's a… »7/01/08 10:45am7/01/08 10:45am

AT&T Lawyer Says Early Termination Fees Are Good For Consumers

According to Ars, one AT&T attorney told the FCC yesterday that early termination fees we pay for leaving our contracts before the designated time are actually a great deal for us. His reasoning was that "ETF-backed term contracts give consumers the ability to lower their monthly charges and upfront handset costs in… »6/15/08 6:00pm6/15/08 6:00pm