Simply Shaking Two Devices To Pair Them Makes NFC Look Old-Fashioned

There's a flood of new smartwatches and other wearable devices coming just around the corner, and every one of them will require a connection to your smartphone. Wireless NFC technology has already made things a little easier when it comes to pairing, but researchers at Disney want to make things even easier by just… » 12/09/13 9:20am 12/09/13 9:20am

Watch This Intelligent Quadcopter Recover After Losing a Prop In Flight

It will be years before Amazon's dream of same day package deliveries via drone will ever become a reality. But you can forget about trying to shoot one down for some free electronics thanks to new software that allows a quadcopter to stay aloft—and on course—even after losing one or more of its propellers. » 12/06/13 7:00pm 12/06/13 7:00pm

This Robotic Sea Turtle Moves Through the Water With Breathtaking Grace

Mankind's attempts to create robotic humans that move exactly like us have so far been far from perfect. They usually stumble around, desperately trying to keep their balance like a toddler taking its first steps. But recreating the natural motions of underwater creatures like sea turtles? We've damn near perfected… » 11/30/12 6:40pm 11/30/12 6:40pm