A CO-Detecting Emergency Flashlight That Could Actually Save Your Life

Eton Corporation has updated its outlet-mounted emergency backup flashlight with a built-in carbon monoxide detector that will trigger both an audible and visible flashing alarm when CO levels reach dangerous levels in a room. It's particularly well suited for home use since it's best to mount carbon monoxide… »1/07/14 2:41pm1/07/14 2:41pm


Etón's FRX5 S Has Everything You Need In an Emergency Except Insurance

Your local law enforcement and rescue agencies should be the first people you turn to for help in an emergency situation. But coming in at a close second is Etón Corporation's new FRX5 S weather alert radio which has everything you need to stay informed, stay powered, and even stay entertained when you lose power and… »1/05/14 4:00pm1/05/14 4:00pm