Laser-Cut Logos: The Future of Packaging Is No Packaging At All

The EU is notoriously sensitive about how its crops are grown—but this weekend, it will begin allowing companies to apply labels and barcodes directly onto produce using lasers. The new legislation—which has taken three years to pass—was spearheaded by a Spanish company called Laser Food (natch), which has developed… » 6/19/13 11:59am 6/19/13 11:59am

EU Ban Lifted On Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

BGR is reporting that the regional court in Düsseldorf is partially lifting the ban that allowed Apple to block Samsung from selling their popular Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the European Union. It is still banned in Germany, pending Samsung's appeal. » 8/16/11 1:05pm 8/16/11 1:05pm

Apple Blocks Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales in the Whole EU

Apple's been granted a preliminary injunction to stop sales of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 across the entire European Union on the basis of patent infringement. The ban excludes the Netherlands, where Apple has a separate lawsuit pending due to differences in patent law. » 8/09/11 1:06pm 8/09/11 1:06pm

The EU Is Investigating Facebook's New Facial Recognition Feature

The new facial recognition photo-tagging feature that was rolled out on Facebook this week has got privacy-freaks in a frenzy, but none more so than European Union data-protection regulators, who are investigating it for privacy violations. » 6/09/11 6:10am 6/09/11 6:10am

European Antitrust Guns Now Pointing at Apple?

As well as facing possible antitrust claims in the US, the European Union is now taking a look at Apple's closed-shop practises—with EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes claiming makers "cannot just choose to deny interoperability with their product." » 7/05/10 10:00am 7/05/10 10:00am

Remainders - The Things We Didn't Post: Headaches Edition

In today's Remainders: headaches. Microsoft's browser ballot is a headache for the little guys; CereProc talks about the painstaking process of rebuilding Ebert's voice; WiMax taxis in Taiwan get me a little steamed; a magical migraine-diminishing wand, and more. » 3/05/10 4:20pm 3/05/10 4:20pm

Microsoft's Impartial, Antitrust-Friendly Browser Ballot Screen

You may have forgotten about it, but Microsoft got in to a bit of trouble with the European Commission for anti-competitive practices (including force-feeding customers IE). Microsoft's plea bargain was to add other browser options alongside its own. » 2/19/10 8:59am 2/19/10 8:59am

Microsoft Improves Consumer Search Privacy; Google and Yahoo Stay…

Microsoft has agreed only to hold your personal information (read: darkest secrets] for six months, while Google and Yahoo will continue to keep them much longer to "improve search quality." By which, of course, they mean "ad revenue." » 1/19/10 9:46am 1/19/10 9:46am