Psystar Lawyers Hinting at Antitrust Defense Against Apple

If you thought Mac cloners Psystar were going to go on the Apple chopping block without a whole lot of fuss...think again. The case is about to get a lot more interesting now that their defense team seems prepared to play the antitrust card in court. As Colby Springer, one of the lawyers on Psystar's team noted: » 8/06/08 2:00pm 8/06/08 2:00pm

Mac Clone Maker Psystar Says Apple's EULA Violates Monopoly Laws, Wants…

Psystar, who's just announced that they're going to sell a $399.99 Mac clone called Open Mac, doesn't care that Apple's EULA prohibits using OS X on any machine not made by Apple. In fact, they say that Apple's terms "violate U.S. monopoly laws", posing the example of Microsoft theoretically saying you could only… » 4/14/08 8:41pm 4/14/08 8:41pm

No Clean Installs With Upgrade Versions of Vista

Planning on formatting your hard drive to lay down a nice, clean install of Vista Ultimate Home Premium where you had XP? Well then you had better plan on spending $80 more than you originally intended. It turns out that upgrade versions of Vista won't accept your old XP CD as proof that you really are just… » 1/28/07 10:40pm 1/28/07 10:40pm