Disney Sucks the Magic Out of Films With 120 Pages of Blu-Ray Legalese

Sleeping Beauty »10/08/08 6:30am10/08/08 6:30am is Disney's first classic animated film to to Blu-ray, and it's loaded with legitimately compelling BD-Live extra features. tried to check these out, but got smacked with a 57 page EULA followed by a Privacy Policy before they could view of them. Also upsetting: the new ending, in which Princess…

Google Chrome EULA Claims Ownership of Everything You Create on Chrome, From Blog Posts to Emails

So, are you enjoying the snappy, clean performance of Google Chrome »9/03/08 12:00pm9/03/08 12:00pm since downloading yesterday? If so, you might want to take a closer peek at the end user license agreement you didn't pay any attention to when downloading and installing it. Because according to what you agreed to, Google owns everything you…

Mac Clone Maker Psystar Says Apple's EULA Violates Monopoly Laws, Wants to Challenge it in Court

Psystar, who's just announced that they're going to sell a $399.99 Mac clone called Open Mac, doesn't care that Apple's EULA prohibits using OS X on any machine not made by Apple. In fact, they say that Apple's terms "violate U.S. monopoly laws", posing the example of Microsoft theoretically saying you could only… »4/14/08 8:41pm4/14/08 8:41pm