Neat animation shows what European coins looked like before the Euro

The German Mark. Lithuanian Litas. Estonian Kroon. Irish Pound. Slovenian Tolar. Portuguese Escudo. Greek Drachma. Slovak Koruna. Maltese Lira. Finnish Markka. Dutch Guilder. Spanish Peseta. Luxembourgish Franc. Belgian Franc. Italian Lira. Cypriot Pound. Austrian Schilling. French Franc. Latvian Lats. All got… »4/08/15 9:36pm4/08/15 9:36pm


All the Major Sport Competitions Since 1903 Condensed In Beautiful Circular Graphics

If you like sports and awesome data visualization, you will love these posters, which can be printed to order in beautiful paper. You can choose the final playoffs of every major sport event since 1903—427 brackets from the American MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLS to the European Champions League, the UEFA Euro and FIFA's… »7/20/12 1:00am7/20/12 1:00am

Micro Compact Home: Trailer Park Living With That Euro Design Flair

You think your house is small? Get a load of this 8.5-foot cube, the Micro Compact Home (m-ch). Even though its interior is a bit cramped, its architects tried to overcome that claustrophobic feeling with luxo-sport Euro design and plenty of windows. It's a lot cheaper than a regular house, too, selling for between… »2/05/07 11:05am2/05/07 11:05am