Cool visualization shows liquid water on Earth vs Jupiter's moon Europa

I knew that NASA wants to send a submarine to explore the oceans of Jupiter's moon Europa, but I never realized that Europa has more liquid water than Earth even while it's roughly the size of our Moon. This graphic shows the shocking difference clearly, but there's more. » 3/08/14 12:00am 3/08/14 12:00am

2030 Space Odyssey: NASA will search for alien life in Jupiter's moon

This is amazing news: NASA is sending a mission to Europa! If everything goes well, a robotic submarine may be landing on Jupiter's moon—the world that scientists believe is the most likely to contain life in the Solar System—by 2030, a real space odyssey. This has the potential to change the world. » 3/05/14 12:06pm 3/05/14 12:06pm

Hubble detects water plumes coming out of Jupiter moon Europa

For the first time ever, the Hubble Space Telescope has observed water plumes on the icy crust of Europa. The Jovian moon is one of the most likely worlds to contain life in the Solar System. According to Lorenz Roth—who headed the team that made the discovery—"this is tremendously exciting." No kidding. » 12/12/13 11:51am 12/12/13 11:51am

The Robot Explorer That Will Navigate Jupiter's Liquid Moon

NASA's Europa Jupiter System Mission, set for 2026, will be the first survey Jupiter's frozen moon. Scientists also plan to explore the moon's liquid oceans, which are buried under 6km of ice. Getting through that will be tough. But once we hit water, Eurpoa's interior will be explored by the most advanced autonomous… » 7/27/12 11:30am 7/27/12 11:30am