Hospital Food Ordering Goes Wireless

Is it just me, or is this stuff delicious as hell? I could eat mounds of hospital gelatin and die happy. Regardless, AP-HP, lle-de-France's university and regional hospital center, has chosen Symbol Technologies (with partners Enterprise Mobility and Solutys) to supply hospitals with a wireless food ordering service… » 8/11/06 3:52pm 8/11/06 3:52pm

Hertz to try RFID Rather Than Keys for Rentals

A Hertz at the Nice Cote d'Azur Airport in France will begin using RFID to start up and check out cars, rather than keys. A group of 60 frequent Hertz customers will be guinae pigs in this test to see if using RFID-enabled cards for vehicles will speed the rental process. There are 10 Renault Megane cars equipped with… » 8/10/06 5:30pm 8/10/06 5:30pm

Xbox 360 Saint's Row Bundle Available in Europe

North America may be getting a pretty PGR Xbox 360 Bundle, but Europe did not go quietly into the night about getting shafted on a bundle. They countered with a package of their own. » 8/07/06 6:31pm 8/07/06 6:31pm

LG KG920 5-Megapixel Camerphone Gets Official

Way back in February we first heard word of a pretty fancy phone from LG. The LG KG920 is more of a digital camera that includes phone functionality than a cameraphone. Well, there is some good news and some bad news about this the KG920. The good news is that this phone, six months later, is finally ready for an… » 7/28/06 10:00am 7/28/06 10:00am

Sony Launches PSP Wi-Fi Network in Europe, Australia

Tomorrow Sony will be launching PlayStation Spot. This is a network of Wi-Fi hotspots that will allows PSP users to download demos, songs, games, videos and pictures and also play the games with other PSP users. Access to the wireless network itself will be free, but expect to pay out the wazoo for any kind of… » 7/27/06 4:34pm 7/27/06 4:34pm

Samsung Launches SGH-P200 UMA Phone

The Samsung SGH-P200 cellphone has been launched in the Italian marketplace. I know, you are saying to yourself: "Oh, another cellphone from Samsung, who the hell cares?" Well this one is a little bit different. It is the world's first Unlicensed Mobile Access phone. This basically means it can switch between cell… » 7/18/06 12:04pm 7/18/06 12:04pm

Mercedes Introduces Integrated Bluetooth Telephone Module

Mercedes has announced an accessory that will accompany some of their vehicles and allow for a very convenient way to make calls from the car, hands and wire free. The device sits in the center console and will interact will your cell phone and all parts of the car. The system links up with a cellphone over Bluetooth… » 6/22/06 1:47pm 6/22/06 1:47pm

RAZR Deep Violet

While Deep Violet may seem like an 80s dark metal band, its actually Orange's contribution to our species cultural heritage. Orange will be carrying the Deep Violet RAZR V3i—now it sucks in purple, too!—and the white Nokia 6233. Why should we care, seeing as how Orange rocks the other side of the pond? Well, maybe… » 6/13/06 8:29am 6/13/06 8:29am

BlackBerry 8707 for 3G

Europeans can now sleep a little bit easier because the BlackBerry 8707 has finally debuted for 3G this week. The 8707 is a slightly updated version of the 8700 that North Americans may be familiar with. In the traditional BlackBerry style, the 8707 comes loaded with a QWERTY keyboard, GPRS, Bluetooth 2.0 and EDGE,… » 6/06/06 10:55am 6/06/06 10:55am

Sony Ericsson Release V630i Exclusively for Vodafone

Listen up you Europeanites. Sony Ericsson is releasing a phone exclusively for your neck of the woods, specifically with Vodafone. What makes this phone as cool as the cat's pajamas is the included support for Vodafone's Radio DJ service. Radio DJ is an interactive streaming music service. This phone also has a 2… » 5/23/06 3:12pm 5/23/06 3:12pm

Black DS Lite in Euroland

Europe always gets the good stuff! First the World Cup, and now the black DS Lite. Everybody knows that the United States has the highest population of angsty emo-goth teenagers who thrive on having everything black. The white DS Lite is set to hit the states on June 11 and the black DS Lite is scheduled for a June 23… » 5/22/06 2:24pm 5/22/06 2:24pm

Sky HD and Sony Team Up for HDTV Rebate Offer

Listen up you silly Europeans. Sky HD and Sony have teamed up to give you the chance to leap into the world of HD and receive 100 bloody pounds, to boot. The promotion begins this Wednesday, April 26 and you will need to first purchase the Sky HD box and subscribe to Sky HD service before July 10. Then purchase a Sony… » 4/24/06 4:15pm 4/24/06 4:15pm

Virtual Brix Makes You Look Prettier

This project is from the Interaction Design Institute in Ivrea, Italy. It is similar to an oversized webcam. The wall of virtual bricks recreates the image recorded from a webcam. So, walk up to the piece and get turned into a 20 feet by 13 feet monstrosity. This would be great to use with Skype, you know, for the… » 4/22/06 1:45pm 4/22/06 1:45pm

Elitephone, for the Models

This is the Elitephone and by no means is it l33t. The product homepage greets browsers with the phrase "A Mobile for Models by Elite Model." Okay, so what the hell does that mean? Only models can use it? Overall this is a really horrible phone. It is small and has a 300k VGA cameraphone. Not much else besides the… » 4/21/06 5:58pm 4/21/06 5:58pm

Sony Ericsson, T-Mobile Team Up for Robbie Williams W300i

T-Mobile will be releasing this specially-branded Robbie Williams Sony Ericcson W300i in June over in the United Kingdom—sorry, Americans, you shouldn't like Robbie William's music anyway. Supposedly 'ole Robert "creatively influenced" the W300i himself. It comes loaded with exclusive Robbie Williams content including… » 4/10/06 4:01pm 4/10/06 4:01pm

O2 Recall X1 Handsets

The UK mobile carrier, O2, is recalling their X1 handsets because of a potential charging fire hazard. Owners of the X1 are being recommended to stop using their phone immediately and return it to O2. In exchange the users who return their fire-faulty phones will receive the X2i handset. All of the X1 phones will be… » 3/24/06 3:44pm 3/24/06 3:44pm

Prolite X4868 Motion Sensing Monitor

This 19-inch monitor features an integrated motion sensor that will detect when a person sits in front of the monitor and power it on. I always thought having the monitor in standby mode was sufficient. Any electrical warriors out there know if having the monitor off completely rather than standby mode makes a… » 3/23/06 2:04pm 3/23/06 2:04pm

Giant LG Cellphone Balloon

LG announced yesterday that in an effort to strengthen its European market the company will be participating in the 2006 European Balloon Tour with a massive cellphone balloon. Yes, it is one big-ass cellphone, and no it doesn t get any better reception. Good luck on your trip, LG. We hope your massive cellphone doesn… » 3/17/06 2:27pm 3/17/06 2:27pm

Wash, Dry, Iron in a Single Swoop

A Brit with an ironing fetish has finished designing a large metal box—specifically, one that will wash, dry, and then iron your clothes without you having to get off the sofa. And lethargy that comes with it? No extra charge. » 2/15/06 8:53am 2/15/06 8:53am