Chrysler's Peapod 'Neighborhood Car' Turns Your iPhone Into a Key

The impossibly cute (and possibly malicious) Peapod mini-car just got slightly cooler. Apparently, the included iPhone docking station does more than play tunes and monitor EV usage—it turns your phone into a key too. » 4/19/09 2:00pm 4/19/09 2:00pm

Tesla 4-Door Model S Sedan Will Be $60,000

Tesla's following up their $100,000 super-electric roadster model with a four-door, five-passenger sedan. It's called the Model S and will go on sale for about $60,000 in 2010. The Arnold (CA Governor) was on hand at the announcement because he's giving an incentive package to Tesla to manufacture the car in… » 6/30/08 4:00pm 6/30/08 4:00pm

DIY Project: Motorbike to Electric Motorbike

There's a new Instructables page up that shows you how to mod your regular motorbike into an eco-warrior electric cycle. You'll be able to hit a top speed of 70mph after shelling out $3000 to complete the project. Thankfully, you'll probably make the money back in saved fuel in approximately a days use. The machine… » 4/13/08 10:00am 4/13/08 10:00am

Tesla Whitestar Electric Sedan: 4 Doors, Half the Price of the Roadster

Tesla's plans for Whitestar, the sedan version of their electric roadster, are coming along nicely. Head honcho Elon Musk, just announced of a New Mexico factory that'll start construction no later than April 2007. The best part? The 4-door will not only haul more people, but will cost half of the $89,000 roadster.… » 2/19/07 6:21pm 2/19/07 6:21pm