Verizon Forcing Data Plans for Smarter Feature Phones

I guess the end of summer means "ramp up the data charges" for carriers, since Verizon's about force anyone with an "enhanced multimedia phone"—basically, phones with a QWERTY keyboard, EVDO Rev. A and HTML browser—to pick their (mandatory) choice between a $10/month plan with 25MB or $20/month for 75MB. It starts for… »8/31/09 2:19pm8/31/09 2:19pm

WiMax 4G To Hit 80 Markets by 2010; Clearwire Offering 3G/4G Modem Soon

Today, Clearwire announced network rollout plans for the "Clear" WiMax service, in conjunction with Sprint. In 2009, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Baltimore, Seattle, Honolulu and Charlotte are all scheduled to go live; next year, they'll light up New York, Boston, Washington, D.C.,… »3/05/09 9:15pm3/05/09 9:15pm