'Little Seiko' Unicycling Robot Looks Like EVE Before She Learned to…

To follow up on its bicycling Murata Boy robot, Murata has subtracted a wheel, hired a stylist, thrown in a gyroscope and come up with the Seiko-chan, or "Little Seiko" unicycling robot. The small robot will be able to move forward and backward on its single wheel, and is even capable of keeping its balance at a… » 9/24/08 10:15am 9/24/08 10:15am

Sassy DIY Talking Robot Tells You How to Assemble Sassy DIY Talking…

This sassy little thing is the brainchild of L. Scott Hudson, who recently participated in MAKE's Dorkbot Austin » 8/24/08 12:00pm 8/24/08 12:00pm robot building event. This gal is kind of like the we wrote about this week (also a MAKE find), but it's got the added bonus of moxie. It also gives you step-by-step self-assembly instructions in the…

NASA Envisions Robot Future That's More Wall-E Than Phoenix Lander

When the Mars Phoenix Lander touched down on the Martian soil, discovered water ice and microbe-friendly acidic alkaline soil last month, it was quite a feat-for a human-controlled robot. But what if the robots sent to distant worlds could think for themselves, a la Wall-E and his Apple-esque main squeeze, EVE? NASA's… » 7/06/08 1:00pm 7/06/08 1:00pm

InterAction Wall-E and Eve Toys Get it on Robotically

We liked the big Wall-E toy, but with the InterAction Wall-E, it looks like he's even more "real"— reacting when you talk to him with lights, moving head and arms, speech and sound effects. InterAction Eve is similar, with added whooshes and laser firing when you whirl her in the air. But best of all: the two interact… » 5/30/08 4:47am 5/30/08 4:47am

Wall-E Movie is Jonathan Ive's Latest Design Job

CNNMoney/Fortune has a story out saying that Eve, the female character to stand opposite Wall-E in the movie of the same name, was designed in part by Apple lead designer Jonathan Ive. The robot design is kinda cool, in that it reminds me of the most recent incarnation of Marvin the Paranoid Android, but the real… » 5/12/08 8:27pm 5/12/08 8:27pm