Brudeli's Three-Wheeled Leanster: Menage a Trois Redefined

The term "third wheel" used to identify something extraneous, but in the case of Brudeli's Leanster motorbike-three-wheeler off-road hybrid, it means 50% more fun. If the Leanster looks familiar, you may be thinking of Piaggio's scooter-platform MP3 leaning machine »9/29/08 7:10pm9/29/08 7:10pm. The Piaggio is nice on paved roads; the Brudeli is…

The Nine Lives of Evel Knievel, the Superstar Who Wanted to Jump the Grand Canyon

Elvis on a motorbike, Evel Knievel was one of the icons of the '70s. With his star-spangled red, white and blue leathers—apparently inspired by Liberace rather than the King—and mussed-up blonde mop, cape flying behind him as he catapulted his Harley XR750 over buses, cars and canyons, Evel was excess personified.… »12/09/07 8:00am12/09/07 8:00am