Wi-Fi Calling Now Free for Android Owners on T-Mobile

WiFi-calling is now free for T-Mobile customers with an Android handset. All you need is the Smart Wi-Fi application and an Even More or Even More Plus calling plan. According to a T-Mobile representative, Magenta customers should be able to call customer service to add this sweet new feature to their accounts starting … » 5/17/11 1:41am 5/17/11 1:41am

Sizemodo: New MacBook and MacBook Pro vs. Their Forebearers

The new MacBook and MacBook Pro may be molded by hand from a single piece of adamantium or whatever, but how do they size up to their previous versions? The new MacBook Pro actually has a larger footprint (X Y) than the old MacBook Pro, but it's also slightly thinner (tough to tell in person). But the new MacBook,… » 10/14/08 4:34pm 10/14/08 4:34pm