First Comes the Dream at the American Museum of Natural History: An Evening of Innovation and Imagination

There's a spirit of imagination that we all have as children. At a certain point, it can fade. But those dreams and aspirations never become less crucial to innovation, and that's why, last night, we brought together some of the greatest minds in science and technology in New York City to collectively remind… »7/20/12 12:15pm7/20/12 12:15pm

GIZMODO at Museum of Science and Industry's 2011 Smart Home

Gizmodo and the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago (MSI) are teaming up to bring you something amazing this spring - the 2011 Smart Home: Green + Wired exhibit. As the technology partner for the exhibit, We've taken the technologies that change the way we live, work, love, play, think and feel and incorporated… »4/05/11 11:00am4/05/11 11:00am