When Video Game Trolling Is A Good Thing

The timer ticks down toward zero. We tear across the Boneyard, one of Halo: Reach’s best multiplayer maps, my good friend Rus driving with me sitting shotgun. I’m clutching the blue flag in hands that would be sweating if they were real. We shed our red teammates like skin; they race past us going the other direction… »4/24/15 2:15pm4/24/15 2:15pm


We're Buying More PC Games Than We Can Play

As another Steam Holiday Sale comes to a close, I have spent roughly $100 to purchase 22 games. In the past 2 months I have picked up 3 Humble Bundles. Not a month ago I spent around $50 on 11 games in the Steam Fall Sale. By the time the next Steam Holiday Sale rolls into town I will be lucky if I have played half of… »1/03/14 1:26pm1/03/14 1:26pm

30 Years Later, One Man Is Still Trying To Fix Video Games

Chris Crawford owns 29,216 small plastic beads. Each bead is one of eight colors, and there are 3,652 beads in each color group. One bead represents a single day in Crawford's life. Each color group, therefore, represents one decade. The yellow beads are his childhood. The black beads are his teens. The greens are his… »12/27/13 12:53pm12/27/13 12:53pm

Evergreen Genius Navigator 365: It's a Mouse! It's a Gamepad! It's a Gamemousepad!

Evergreen's new Genius Navigator 365 is described by the English translation of Impress as "a USB gamepad deformed laser mouse", and we couldn't agree more. The mouse is 1600dpi, the gamepad has eight buttons and a D-pad, and it sells for $33 (¥3,499). Be warned, of course, that you get what you pay for. [Impress]
»2/08/08 11:16am2/08/08 11:16am

Edifier E1100 2.1-Channel Speakers Look Really, Really Nice

Way back in August we first mentioned the Hermione speakers that were due to hit Korea. Now, the sleek speaker system is about to hit Japan, this time with a new name and some actual stats for you. Now known as the Edifier E1100, this 2.1-channel speaker system's two satellite speakers each have a 4.5W power output,… »9/18/06 11:04am9/18/06 11:04am

USB Egg from Evergreen Consolidates Three Functions in One

Here's yet another USB device to clutter up your desktop, but this one from Evergreen attempts to consolidate numerous functions into its whimsical egg-shaped design. It's a pair of speakers, a card reader and a USB 2.0 hub, giving you not-exactly-rocking tunes with 2 watts per channel, a card reader that can handle… »7/21/06 9:11am7/21/06 9:11am