Nintendo Wii Everybody Votes Channel on Video

We told you about the Nintendo Wii feature that was added today called the Everybody Votes Channel. Now here's some video of the channel in action. So far, 62% of the respondents in our own poll asking if the Nintendo Wii Everybody Votes Channel is a great idea answered "who gives a shit?" Now here's a video that… » 2/14/07 1:36pm 2/14/07 1:36pm

Wii Channel Lets Everybody Vote on Frivolous Things

Nintendo Wii users woke up this morning to a Valentine's Day surprise: the "Everybody Votes Channel," a consensus-gathering polling tool that lets everyone vote on matters frivolous or important. Users saw a message sitting in the Wii's inbox today, inviting them to download a small applet that lets them effortlessly… » 2/14/07 9:55am 2/14/07 9:55am