Kevin Rose Nails Today's Apple News, All Known Associates Permanently Buried by Apple

So Digg's Kevin Rose polished off his crystal ball prior to today's Apple event, as he is wont to do. We posted on his rumors »9/09/08 5:13pm9/09/08 5:13pm, with the necessary skepticism. And now as the dust settles , we doff our hat to everyone's favorite iSight Carnac: just about every single detail Kevin hit, including the actual product shot…

Scientist Declares Beer as the Source of Civilization and Technology, Nobody Is Surprised

Click to viewThis is a post that Gizmodo's resident hops philosopher Travis should have written, but as he's sleeping one off it's been left up to me. Charlie Bamforth, a British academic who holds the most fabulous of titles—the University of California's Anheuser Busch Endowed Professor of Brewing Science—claims… »4/18/07 8:51am4/18/07 8:51am