So Why Can't Skyscrapers Be Made Underwater?

Water-scraper is a concept piece entered into the eVoIo Skyscraper Competition which shows a future where people live and work underwater. Harnessing wave, wind and solar power to generate electricity, it's a future world I'd be thrilled to live in. » 3/09/10 1:20pm 3/09/10 1:20pm

Sky-Terra Towers Poised to Steal the Last Remnants of Sunshine from…

Sky-Terra were designed with the intent of creating a green space in the sky. But am I the only one who sees a flaw with this logic? » 4/23/09 10:10am 4/23/09 10:10am

Dystopian Farm Is What Happens When Colossal Ferns Grow in Manhattan

By architect Eric Vergne, Dystopian Farm is a biomorphic skyscraper concept, taking design cues from the cell structure of a fern to create a stunning, multi-functional space. » 2/16/09 4:20pm 2/16/09 4:20pm