EVOLTA, the World's Longest-Lasting AA Alkaline Battery, Coming to the US

We first heard about the Guinness record-holding EVOLTA » 9/24/08 12:00pm 9/24/08 12:00pm AA battery back in April, but at the time they were only available in Japan. However, Panasonic is bringing their new product to the States staring this October in AA or AAA four and eight packs (priced at $5 and $9 respectively). I would just stick with…

EVOLTA Robot Cliffhanger Channels Sly Stallone, Scales Grand Canyon

Good on this little EVOLTA-powered robot for climbing a 1,500-ft. Grand Canyon cliff on Saturday. The 4.5-ounce, 6.7-inch robo climber was scaling the cliff as a publicity stunt/demonstration for the Panasonic EVOLTA battery, which according to the Guinness Book of World Records is longest-lasting of its kind. The… » 5/25/08 8:30pm 5/25/08 8:30pm