Griffin Evolve Is the Perfect iPod Dock (Well, Almost)

Over the weekend, I put the ballyhooed Griffin Evolve through the paces. As you know, this system has wireless speakers with their own rechargeable batteries. When they sit on the dock, they charge, but when you want them in the dining room or out on the deck, you just grab them—and the RF remote—and enjoy your tunes.… »10/29/07 3:00pm10/29/07 3:00pm

Griffin's Evolve is Perfect Wireless Sound System for Pool Parties

Griffin, winners of our Battlemodo Dock-off with their Amplifi, had us going "Ooh!" and "Aaah!" this afternoon at their latest sound-system, the Evolve. You can configure as many speakers to the dock as you want, simply by placing them on top of the dock briefly to add them to the network. All the details, plus a… »8/31/07 1:00pm8/31/07 1:00pm