Why Breeding Pedigree Dogs Is Just Eugenics By Another Name

Eugenics is the now-defunct (and creepy!) practice of breeding supposedly superior humans to achieve genetic improvements while sterilizing undesirables. Sound familiar? It's the exact same thing we now do to dogs and it's responsible for a range of health and behavioral issues in them. — Ed. »3/17/15 7:24pm3/17/15 7:24pm


The Amazing Anatomical Diagrams of Fritz Kahn, Pioneer of Infographics

While the singularity may still be a ways off, mankind has long marveled at analogies between the inner workings of the human body and the industrial processes of the modern world. The most famous of these design-minded biologists, German doctor, illustrator, and author Fritz Kahn, not only revealed startling… »1/08/14 3:20pm1/08/14 3:20pm

This Gorgeous Warbird Is More Phoenix Than Mustang

The P-51 Mustang is one of the most iconic aircraft in aviation history. These long-range, single-seater fighter-bombers served throughout the Second World War as well as during in Korea before being relegated to scrap yards. But many have survived, some in the most unlikely of places. You'll never guess what quiet… »6/27/13 11:30am6/27/13 11:30am