Million Dollar Subterranean Garage Is Only Accessible Through an…

If you've ever wondered how the obscenely rich squander their wealth, here's your answer. Tom Gonzalez made a small fortune when he sold his software company, so he purchased an elaborate estate in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, which includes one of the most over-the-top and drool-worthy garages we've ever seen. » 4/12/12 9:56am 4/12/12 9:56am

Diamond-Coated Nokia N95 Costs $24,000 (Limit 10 Per Customer)

Phew. After months of waiting, your diamond-encrusted Nokia N95 is finally ready. In fact, Alexander Amosu, ringtone mogul and maker of the oh-so-necessary golden iPod, has built 10 of these N95s, each with 325 diamonds covering its 18-karat white gold surface. You'll be glad to hear that when you pay the £12,000… » 10/01/07 9:26am 10/01/07 9:26am

Richest Man in India Building a 60-story Home

If you thought a 205-inch TV was a symbol of conspicuous consumption, wait till you see this. The richest man in India is building a 60-story home for himself and the 600 people who serve him. Yeah, 600. It'll include 6 floors of parking space for his cars, 3 helipads, elevated gardens, and a health club. The square… » 6/04/07 12:45pm 6/04/07 12:45pm