Full Exchange Syncing Comes to Android via Third Party

Speaking of Android »11/23/08 8:00pm11/23/08 8:00pm, you G1 fans may recall that with zero-point-zero Exchange functionality, pissing off more than one business person (at least two or three). The Android masters said that the platform would happily support third-party Exchange integration, and lo, here it comes. This week, NitroDesk rolled out…

Most Sprint Phones Getting Exchange and Lotus Notes Corporate Email

Sprint really does want the Instinct to be the best iPhone clone in the land, 'cause they're adding corporate email (Exchange and Lotus Notes) to it and a slew of other consumer phones through Sprint Mobile Email Work. The corporate email setup comes gratis with their Everything plans, or $9.99 separately. The other… »6/19/08 3:32pm6/19/08 3:32pm

Apple Event on February 26 Launches iPhone SDK and MacBook Pro?

9to5 Mac is reporting that Apple will have yet another event on February 26 in order to launch the iPhone and iPod Touch SDK, which will have native apps that reportedly offer Exchange and Lotus Notes support. And the best part is that updated MacBook Pros with Penryn and possibly the MacBook Air trackpad could also… »2/08/08 1:34pm2/08/08 1:34pm