New Multi-Screen Projection Format Aims to Make Star Trek Beyond an Immersive Experience

Staring at a movie on one big screen is just fine—but what if you could see it on three screens at once, for a uniquely immersive, panoramic viewing experience? One of the first movies to get this treatment is Star Trek Beyond, and you can check out an exclusive glimpse of what it’ll look like in this new format in…

The Original God of Thunder Is Back and Ready to Prove Himself in The Unworthy Thor

You might have noticed that for the past few years, Thor has not been a title used by the man who’s been Thor since 1962. The role has been taken up by none other than Jane Foster, and she’s been doing a damn good job. But although her adventures are continuing, the Odinson is finally back with a comic of his own.

Person of Interest’s Final Villains Are Mark Zuckerberg and Isaac Asimov

For years, Person of Interest has been right on the cutting edge between commenting on current events and speculating about the future. With its final season, the show is depicting a futuristic nightmare—and yet, it’s also more topical than ever before. We talked to producers Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman, and they…

A Must-See Trailer for an Incredible Animated Steampunk Adventure

On March 25, one of the year’s best genre films is going to be released. It’s not live-action, it’s not American, but it’s got more life and wonder in it than 90 percent of the films released in the States combined. It’s a French, steampunk animation called April and the Extraordinary World and we’re excited to…

Here's Your First Inside Look at Marvel's All-New, All-Different Wasp

Janet Van Dyne’s legacy as the Wasp is interwoven through decades of Marvel Comics—but now, a new character is going to take the moniker. Who is she? What’s her agenda? What’s her connection to the Wasp’s legacy? We sat down with writer Mark Waid to exclusively unveil the first details about the new Wasp.

Brian Michael Bendis on the Evolution of Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales

Ever since Miles Morales took the role of Spider-Man over from Peter Parker, he’s had to fight his supervillain uncle, he’s seen his entire universe get destroyed, and he’s become one of the most prominent heroes in Marvel’s push for diversity. But now that he’s joined the main Marvel universe in his new series,…

An Exclusive Look at the Never-Before-Seen Concept Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? The day is finally here: The Force Awakens is upon us, and so is a bevy of new books about the film—including The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, revealing a never-before-seen look at the concept art that helped build the movie. Take an exclusive look, right here on…


It’s a Freaking Miracle That We Got a Man in the High Castle TV Show

The producers of the Man in the High Castle TV series spent eight years trying to get it off the ground, and having doors slammed in their faces. For a while, the BBC was going to make it, but it fell through. In order to finally get it made, they had to make one crucial change, that makes it a bit less bleak.

How Pixar’s Inside Out Avoided Its Greatest Danger: Becoming An “After-School Special”

Inside Out is a complex film about the human psyche, but it has a really simple message: Sadness is an important part of life. You can’t have joy without sadness, and growing up means accepting that memories can be happy and sad. Director Pete Docter told io9 it was hard to avoid making this feel like an “after-school…