Beer Chilling Exercise Bike Puts You On the Drunk Diet

Don't be fooled. Pedaling around on a bike that chills your beers probably won't result in much weight loss. In fact, you may actually pack on a few as you enjoy the beechwood aged fruits of your labor. The bike has a heat pump attached to the pedals so the more you pedal the cooler the beer set inside the copper coil… »10/31/08 4:30pm10/31/08 4:30pm

Xdream Fitness Bike: Ride Outdoors Without All of That Pesky Fresh Air

According to the manufacturer, the Xdream is the "first indoor fitness product that accurately simulates the experience of riding outdoors." Basically, the bike thrusts you into a virtual world via the attached computer screen. As you ride, the full experience on the screen is translated to the equipment—right down… »3/11/08 6:30pm3/11/08 6:30pm