Wii Sqweeze Gives You the Upper Body Strength Of An Olympic Cyclist

This Wii Sqweeze demo by InterAction Labs supposedly does for your upper body what Wii Fit does for the lower body of the 10 people who actually managed to find one. The thing is essentially two squeezable grips (exactly like the kind you can get at sports stores now) that correspond to claws and bows and other… »8/18/08 2:20pm8/18/08 2:20pm

Prospot Fusion Home Gym Combines the Tedium of Exercise With the Excitement Of Watching Things On a TV

As you can tell by our headshots, the only way most of the editors here at Giz would exercise is if you stuck a TV onto gym equipment. Good news! That's exactly what Prospot did with their Fusion HG6. The base unit costs $4699 and looks quite sturdy and useful on its own, but coupled with the on-board media center… »8/07/08 3:20pm8/07/08 3:20pm