Project E Takes Twitter-like Idea Into Meatspace

Who needs Twitter when you have E, this electronic device that senses how you feel at any given moment, and communicates that to other people who buy into this electronic nervous system? Simply pick up E, gesture how you feel, and it lets everyone else in on your secret. On the right in the pic above is Exo, and it… » 9/17/07 11:53am 9/17/07 11:53am

Alienware-Killer: Ultra Gaming EXO Prototype PC

Here's a differentiating factor among PCs: The EXO Ultra Gaming PC, built by ex-Alienware system designer Garrett Bain, will be running GPUs chosen from the top ~1% of all NVidia's GPUs from a particular manufacturer. (That's unique.) Looks like now that the big corporations have bought up all the bigger boutique PC… » 6/22/07 3:25pm 6/22/07 3:25pm