Figure painters will appreciate this Lego build

Having done some some miniature painting in my day, I really appreciate this build. Peter Reid has done an amazing job of giving the impression of these Lego minifigures, still on the sprue, being customized for the Exo-Suit. The scene here is perfect, from the tools and paintbrushes to the amazing tile work for the… »12/23/14 8:30am12/23/14 8:30am


Iron Man Exosuit Will Look for 2000-Year-Old Computer Underwater

Remember that nutso Exosuit—basically a wearable submarine—we showed you back in February? The Exosuit is about to embark on its first real mission: the hunt for one of the world's oldest computers in the Aegean Sea. It's a quest that has paralyzed and, in one case, even killed divers in the past, but the Exosuit will… »6/04/14 4:20pm6/04/14 4:20pm