This Exoskeleton Boot Saves Energy In An Ingenious Way

After millions of years of evolution, your feet are still not perfectly energy efficient. Enter exoskeletons. Researchers have created a new boot that, unlike other exoskeletons, makes walking more efficient without an extra battery or power source. » 4/01/15 3:30pm Today 3:30pm

This Is the Future of Heavy Work, and It Looks Awesome

Always fancied riveting one-handed like a super-hero factory worker, some kind of 21st century John Henry? No problem! Lockheed Martin's Fortis exoskeleton–introduced in 2014–allows any worker to handle heavy hand tools while standing or kneeling. And it looks like the future. » 11/26/14 7:30am 11/26/14 7:30am

Scientists Made a Soft Exoskeleton That You Put On Like Pants

Exoskeletons that give you superhuman strength sound incredibly awesome but also look incredibly awkward and bulky and uncomfortable. So what about a soft exoskeleton that you wear like a pair of pants? » 9/12/14 5:55pm 9/12/14 5:55pm

Awesome Home-Built Elysium Exoskeleton Lifts 170 Pounds Like Nothing

YouTuber The Hacksmith has been working on his Elysium-inspired exoskeleton for a long time. Now it's finally paid off: The pneumatic-powered cyborg arms let him curl more than 170 pounds like it's an empty pillow sack, complete with exactly the sort of robotic sounds you'd expect. » 8/30/14 11:19am 8/30/14 11:19am

Wheelchair User Walks Again With a 3D Printed Exoskeleton

In 1992, Amanda Boxtel suffered a vicious skiing accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down. Doctors said she would never walk again. This week, she proved them wrong, with the help of the world's first 3D printed exoskeleton that gives her the ability to climb out of her wheelchair and walk once again. » 2/22/14 5:00pm 2/22/14 5:00pm

A Real-Life Iron Man Suit That Could Be as Comfortable as Pajamas

Tony Stark used exotic composites, metal alloys, and other Hollywood-only make-believe materials to build his armor-plated Iron Man suit. But researchers at Harvard University's Wyss Institute, constrained by the limitations of reality, took a different approach with a muscle-enhancing exoskeleton that could one day… » 6/25/13 5:23pm 6/25/13 5:23pm

Thanks to an Exoskeleton, a Paralyzed Boy Got to Walk on His Graduation…

Austin Whitney, a 22-year-old student, was able to walk on his graduation day at UC Berkeley. Why is that surprising? Because Whitney is paralyzed from the waist down and needed an exoskeleton to make those seven steps. » 5/16/11 7:00pm 5/16/11 7:00pm

Walking With Paralysis Is Now a Reality

Amanda Boxtel is about to stand up. A skiing accident 18 years ago partially severed her spinal cord leaving her paralysed. Boxtel is wearing a new exoskeleton called eLEGS, which could soon help people with spinal injuries to walk again. » 10/07/10 3:20pm 10/07/10 3:20pm

XOS Exoskeleton Goes to Mark II With More Superpowers

The XOS powered exoskeleton amazed by turning 200 pounds into 20 for the sack of jelly and sticks wearing it. The XOS 2 is stronger, uses half as much power and it's lighter—light enough to play soccer in: » 9/27/10 9:05am 9/27/10 9:05am

Human Exoskeletons Nothing New, Says 1960s GE Prototype

The U.S. military is currently testing what they'd have you believe is cutting-edge exoskeleton technology. Don't believe them! These pictures, from the carefree 1960s, have them beat by almost half a century. » 9/11/10 6:00pm 9/11/10 6:00pm

Rex Bionics Has The Technology

This is Rex. Not the man, he's called Hayden—Rex is short for Robotic Exoskeleton, and it's the name of the robotic pants Hayden's wearing. Robotic pants that let him walk for the first time in five years. » 7/15/10 4:00am 7/15/10 4:00am

Me and My Exoskeleton: The Trick to Super Strength

When I first see the Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC), it is hanging limply from the ceiling by a strap attached to its neck, dangling over a treadmill. I can't wait to try it on. » 11/11/09 12:00pm 11/11/09 12:00pm

IMO Coffee Maker Looks Like An Exoskeleton

Designer Alisson Wilson Ströher's IMO coffee maker is intended to be a compact, practical solution to household coffee making—but it looks like he picked up aesthetic cues from the HAL exoskeleton. » 4/15/09 12:40pm 4/15/09 12:40pm

How It Feels To Walk With Honda's Cyborg Legs

Few geeks haven't dreamt of one day taking on cyborg enhancements—me included. And today I did, thanks to two of Honda's wearable Asimo-inspired Walk Assist devices. This is how it felt. » 4/14/09 7:25pm 4/14/09 7:25pm

The Exoskeleton of the Sony A900

Like a Terminator edging toward you with half its face blown off, the Sony A900 dSLR only looks meaner without the candy plastic shell. [CNET photo by Stephen Shankland via Core77] » 3/12/09 3:40pm 3/12/09 3:40pm

HULC Exoskeleton Now Available For Pre-Order

Cyberdine's HAL Exoskeleton is more sophisticated than Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC), but HAL is only available to rent whereas HULC is available for purchase. Unlike HAL, the HULC is focused entirely on helping the user carry heavy loads—up to 200 pounds without breaking a sweat. It also helps to reduce… » 5/29/08 5:40pm 5/29/08 5:40pm

Inventor Demos Soft Pneumatic Exoskeleton, a Good Getaway Suit

We caught a quick glimpse of the Soft Pneumatic Exoskeleton before, but here inventor Che-Wei Wang demonstrates it on himself, explaining how the system gives added power to limbs at key moments. He can power it with a mini scuba tank or one of those CO2 cartridge for pellet guns, but the usage is limited by the… » 5/13/08 6:45pm 5/13/08 6:45pm

New Raytheon XOS Exoskeleton Video Shows How Easy Iron Man's Exercise…

The Sarcos-Raytheon joint effort Exoskeleton has been around for a while, but the companies are trotting it out in honor of the Iron Man movie. This XOS seems really agile and powerful at the same time, but those hooks-for-hands really might be dangerous if you forget you have them on. But as you can see when their… » 5/02/08 3:30pm 5/02/08 3:30pm

Iron Man Review (Verdict: 126 Minutes of Gadget Porn)

The Iron Man flick pressed my buttons from start to finish. Specifically, that little gadget nerd button over my heart, right where Tony Stark's arc reactor plugs in. On one hand, Stark's legendary womanizing, alcoholism and vanity are way underdeveloped. (Disappointingly, Downy Jr. looks too sober.) But if you're at… » 5/01/08 9:19pm 5/01/08 9:19pm

Rent Your Own HAL Exoskeleton For The Low, Low Price of $1000!

Are you a feeble, pasty pansy? For the low price of $1000 a month, you could overcome your physical limitations with a HAL exoskeleton from Cyberdyne. While HAL prototypes have been around for a few years now, Cyberdyne has just begun building a lab that will mass produce 400-500 of the suits per year starting this… » 4/17/08 2:30pm 4/17/08 2:30pm