Would You Pay $835 For LG's Optimus 3D Phone?

You might have guessed that LG's Optimus 3D smartphone would come bearing a steep price-tag, but did you imagine it would be in the region of $800? Dual-core processors and 3D cameras don't come cheap, which is why UK online retailer Expansys has listed a £514.99 ($835) price for it. Supposedly it hits shelves April… » 2/18/11 9:55am 2/18/11 9:55am

HTC Legend, Desire and HD Mini UK Pricing and Availability

HTC swept the show with the sexy Legend, well-specced Desire and rugged WinMo HD Mini, and while US availability hasn't been confirmed yet we can let our UK readers in on the good news. All phones will hit eXpansys on the 12th of April, with the HD Mini at £349.99, the Legend at £399.99 and Desire at £449.99. » 2/18/10 4:56am 2/18/10 4:56am